February 28, 2011

Chris's Testimony

We officially applied with OM!

But before I clicked "Send", I copied my testimony. Here it is (in 250 words or less) as taken from my application:

"I became a Christian in December of 2000. I was living in Argentina, newly married and a new mother, and it was all very hard. After trying everything else to help myself to be okay and to be happy and finding that nothing worked, I began reading the Bible out of desperation. A friend had shared the Gospel with me 5 years prior in college, so when I read the Bible I had a basic understanding of the Gospel and how to become a Christian. While reading Deuteronomy 27-30 I was convicted of my sin, repented, and gave my life to Christ. I had heard about Jesus my whole life but I never KNEW Him or even who He truly was according to God's Word. It was at that moment that I began a true and real, life-changing relationship with the Lord."

You can read Tony's testimony here.

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