February 20, 2011

a little smackerel of spring

It was 60 and 70 all week. Ah, Spring Fever! So we RAN headed outside - the kids to play in the mud and ice melt...

...and me to play with my Cheap-o Wal-Mart Camera. It has potential, I just need to study it more and play with it some to see what I can get out of it...
[fiddling with macro vs. infinity focus and black & white editing]


[night landscape - mental note: need tripod, steadying doesn't work]

I've also been busy planting seedlings for the garden...

...and reading... (I have big dreams lol!)...

[homemade seed starter = egg carton flat, old plastic cake tray, and some plastic wrap]

And since we find ourselves with a tad more time on our hands lately, we've been socializing a bit more than usual. Which mean lots of cooking...
[I scored an almost mint condition Williams-Sonoma bread machine at the thrift shop!!! I've wanted one for YEARS!
Fresh baked, homemade bread everyday with NONE of the work. I want to smuggle it in my suitcase to Argentina. :) ]

[tarta de jamón y queso// ham and cheese tart]

So, one warm Friday evening I made this tarta de jamón y queso, some empanadas de cebolla y queso (cheese and onion pastries), a huge salad, some homemade bread, plus had a leftover pan dulce from Christmas (a veritable feast) - all in preparation to have our Bolivian missionary friends over. They never showed up.

Wrong Friday. Oops. Lol! Duh.


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