January 24, 2012

new look, and doing the followers thing

After almost two years I picked a new look for our blog. Check it out.

I don't know if I like it or not, but it's simpler, less cluttered, quieter. I still have to clean it up bit, but now I can since we have a fairly reliable, higher-speed internet at home. Yippee!

Also, if you read here, let us know by signing up on the side bar. (Pleeeeease?) My stats tell me a lot of people read here, but no one seems to want to do it publically. Which I can understand, I lurk on blogs, too.

But please know that we missionaries find it very encouraging to know that people actually read our blogs. Really we do. It makes us feel like people care about us and care about what we are doing. We don't get old-fashioned letters anymore, so also feel free to leave a comment! We read them all and they are so encouraging - not so much what they say, just that someone took the time to say something. And thank you to our friends that do comment! It really means a lot to us. Know that Tony reads the comments, too. He will often ask me if anyone wrote to us or commented on the blog. Know that outside of the internet, we seriously have no contact with anyone back home!



Deb said...

Hey Chris

I read every day! I dont have a google account, nor do I tweet(I am so old!)so I cant figure out how to sign up for your reader list, But please know I love what you share and how you share, it is a gift from God and an encouragement to me.

Love the opportunities the Lord is giving you and Tony, And so love the way you guys carry His heart to the hurting!! May the blessings of God be multiplied to you all!

An aside, Please tell Tony, I lost my dad over the Chrismas holiday's, both mom and I are still sad and hurting, but we know that he is perfectly safe and perfectly healthy in Heaven, and we rejoice that he is finally Home and free to run!

Anyways, Love and miss you!!

God Bless,


Katie said...

I think of you, Tony and your kids all the time. I know what a challenge it is to adjust to life here, and I think you all deserve a giant pat on the back for all that you've accomplished so far (though you probably feel that it isn't much or enough). Blessings on you all.

Christian said...

Hi Tony and Chris,
I want to take the time here and say "SOMETHING."

Christian said...

Hey guys,
Christy just told me the fridge story. I love it! In a America it's called debt. In Argentina it's a blessing and faith builder. That's the difference between doing something for yourself or for another. Way to go. Keep listening to the Lord.
(fancy symbol) Christian

Denise said...

I love the new look! I also love your blog and read every post...except the posts that contain nasty spider pics! I've been a follower since the beginning, but you once said something about not wanting anyone to follow you. So, being the accommodating friend that I am, I quickly became an anonymous follower! Today, I went public. ;)

Susan Spann said...

I'll de-lurk long enough to say hi!

I really enjoy your blog. I check in with you every day, and enjoy hearing about what you are doing in Patagonia. You're brave and dedicated and it's a wonderful thing to be able to share your experiences with you.

Thanks for posting so those of us living our callings in other places can connect with what you're doing there.

Renata said...

Thanks for sharing your stories and pics!We're always thinking of you!

leak said...

I'll de-lurk just for once, just to say hi. I'm not really acquainted to you as I just noticed this place through Seashells and Sunflowers. Anyway, back to topic...

This is an interesting blog, for it allows me to see a different side of Neuquén. Given that I was born just across the river, in Cipolletti, those stark differences between downtown and the slums get even starker.

Hopefully, He will keep on guiding you all.



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