January 7, 2012

beating the heat

How do you beat the heat (that is, manage to not just lie around like a useless slug) when it hits 102, 104, 108, day, after day, after day, NO AC?

To stay cool, we play with water. In any form: washing the car, watering the grass, jumping in the above ground WalMart special, drinking lots of cold beverages. Wearing your bathing suit all day long, splashing water on your extremities and forehead and standing in front of the fan, or dousing yourself with the hose just to hang some clothes out under the penetrating sun. This is how we manage. I'm sure there are other ways, like air conditioning - but we left those luxuries behind us in the First World. 

Little Chunkies making "birthday soup" for Bear, Bear, and Wow-wow - and using the container designated for watering our favorite street dog

Negrito - our favorite street dog

terere: South American loose green tea leaves steeped in cold pink grapefruit juice - I'm addicted to this

Or we homeschool, looking for any excuse to not go outside. 88 inside is better than 108 outside. Today we found my girl's computer math program. It got packed away almost six months ago. She was actually excited to see it and asked to do math on a Saturday.

Maybe one day we'll get AC here. For now, the four window units we brought are useless. We have bars on our windows - not conducive to popping in a window unit. AC is ridiculously expensive here. $1000 a unit and up. Sha! I don't think we'll be getting one soon.

the bars on our windows (on a very ashy day with, incidentally, a lot of desert dust plastered to the window)

Tonight, after hitting 102F again today, God had mercy and sent some rain. And an electrical storm. And another beautiful sunset. Times of refreshing, albeit brief.

He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters,
Who makes the clouds His chariot,
Who walks on the wings of the wind
~Psalm 104:3

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Denise said...

I know you said you weren't using your A/C before you left so that you'd become accustomed to the heat, but I had no idea. I don't think I'd survive that kind of heat. The tea looks interesting...

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