September 3, 2011

what we're trying to say

Watch this video and consider it to be what we have been trying to say; they've said it here better than we could ever have. I hope you are changed forever.

Sometimes I feel guilty about what we're doing - like what we are doing is "wimpy missions". Like we should be going to Africa or the 10/40 window or something, where the real heroes are. And because we are not, we're not really doing anything that special or spectacular. I really, honestly feel that way.

I don't think what we are doing is that big of a deal - I really don't. I'm actually kind of embarassed. But, at least we are doing something, I tell myself. I'm thankful for that opportunity.

I hope God speaks to you as you watch this, as He has spoken to me. May we not waste the lives He has given us, redeemed. May we be busy building up treasure in Heaven.

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