September 6, 2011

an Introvert in Buenos Aires

I wasn't planning on posting anything this week (up to my eyeballs in boxes. and about to kill the husband... man, is he high strung or what? It's like we're moving overseas or something. Sheesh. Relaaaaxxxx, dude. Esta todo bien. And you know what?, it was just a fender bender. It wasn't my fault. They ran into ME. Who cares if we're shipping it overseas in 10 days? See, not even a scratch. See that? Isn't the Lord good? Praise the Lord. la la la...lala lala la)

Anyway, I wasn't going to post because the only thing going on around here is packing. And a wee bit of tension. My house is a MESS - and it's driving me CRAZY! (and obviously, so is the husband). And since everyone thinks I complain a lot: nary a picture for you.

Ah, but then I read THIS: Caring for your Introvert.


Genius. Pure genius.

Everyone who knows me, or knows an introvert, MUST READ THIS.

It will bring a deeper understanding and more harmony into your interpersonal relationships. It will. Really.

The only thing I would do differently is rename this article, "Caring for Your Introvert: and Why You May Find Buenos Aires a Nightmare," or something like that.

In three weeks we will be in Buenos Aires. And, may the reader understand, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get away from people in Buenos Aires. They are ev-er-y-where. 13 million of them. And it is a sin to be alone there. I'm tellin' ya. I know. I've tried it. You will undoubtedly be met with, "Alone? You're going alone?" or, "You were alone... all day???". *gasp*

After reading this article, I think I feel truly validated and fully understood for the first time in my life.

No wonder my extrovert husband doesn't understand me. He never will. EVER. It's just not in his make up.

Read the article, and you'll see.

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