September 1, 2011

on finances: how we're doing it

How we're doing it... lol

That's funny. I still have no idea how to answer that.

The following is an excerpt from an email letter we sent out this week to everyone we know that might be interested - in an attempt to answer that very question. Many have asked us how we are going, if we have support, and how to send support to us in Argentina. After leaving the specifics of where to send checks and how to do Paypal, this was our answer:

"To clear up some confusion: Our home church will not be supporting us financially on a monthly basis in Argentina [We're sure this was an atomic email bomb of nuclear proportions for most... there was a lack of information shared of the exact parameters and limitations of church support - but, alas, that's another story. Suffice is to say, it was poopy to have to tell everyone this ourselves]. [Things at church are] only set up for one-time donations before we leave, not after; [the church] will not be serving as a vehicle to channel support to us once we are in Argentina. Even though we did apply to a missions organization, when we asked our home church to be our official sending church, they said no. That is why we are not going with an organization, which makes it difficult for us to provide any donors/regular supporters with tax receipts, a billing system, or a liason at this time. We are sorry for this, and hope that this does not discourage people from being a part of what we are doing. We believe that making these specifics as clear as possible will serve us all best, and help avoid any further confusion. All support of our mission work must be handled directly through us at this time.

We are praying Tony will be able to find a job in Argentina so we can help support ourselves and fund our own work. We trust that the Lord will open this door for a job for him. Please pray he finds a job soon upon arrival. Keep in mind that the average salary is about $1000/month, so any support coming in will enable us to do so much more.

These are unchartered waters for us, so please be patient with us as we work out the details of administrating our own support, as well as our own correspondence. Internet access may be limited in Argentina, so any questions, please ask them now.

The best way to keep in contact with us and to hear of our news and work is to sign up for our monthly email newsletters... Our newsletters are also the best way to see where your support is going. For more detailed news and pictures of missions and life in Argentina, you may also visit our blog.

We are trusting in the Lord fully, and we are so very thankful to see how He has already moved in the hearts of many to provide us with everything we need to do what He is calling us to do. Thanks for being an important part (the sheer number alone of people interested in receiving news from us has been a tremendous encouragement!) as we join the front lines of third world missions!"

So that about sums it up. The way it's played out has given my mom a whole lot of peace of mind as her daughter, three grandchildren, and favorite son-in-law move half-way across the world to work with poor people (not really, that's sarcasm - sorry, cranky pants again.).

We never thought it would look like this, and we certainly never thought we had the faith to go "in faith" (ie, without anything - like a job... or regular monthly support) - but, well, I guess God wants to grow us or something. Whatever. We've been through enough heartache this past year that all I can do anymore is shrug. It's in God's hands. We're in God's hands. I give up.

We're going. *shrugging shoulders*

The very person that told us no, our own church will not be our official sending church, nor will they support us in Argentina, also defined leader for us in this way,

Leader = one who takes initiative for the good of others


I love that definition. And I guess that's what we're doing: taking inititiative for the good of others... who are dying without a chance to hear... just once. I could care less if anyone follows, I don't want anyone following me... Good God, no, that would not be good. - I just want people by my side. That's all I need. That's all we need.

That's all we want. That is all we ever asked for or expected. We've never asked anyone for money - ever. And I don't think we ever will. We hate money, prefer to not even talk about it - but it can't be helped. People want to know. What can you do? It has to be talked about eventually. Now is the time, since we are running out of time.

I guess it just hurts {shameless disclosure}. It hurts to know there is a million dollars in the bank and none of it is for you... to do missions [okay, that's not fully true. We were gifted our tickets, and a little more.]. This is deeply grievous to us. And it should be to you, too. Isn't the mission of the church missions? What did I miss? What have we come to? What are we doing with the abundance and riches God has given us? What?

Jesus calls us friends. He sticks closer than a brother. Thank God. Because frontline missions can be really lonely.

Just saying... in case you ever think you're crazy enough to do it. Think again. You may give up everything to follow Him. And then He asks you to give up everything else.


joann said...

Okay now my cranky dress is tight again !!!
why we are here:
And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mk. 16:15

the Body responsibility - to send:
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? AND HOW SHALL THEY PREACH, EXCEPT THEY BE SENT? Ro. 10:13-15a

the reason we work:
Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, THAT HE MAY HAVE TO GIVE TO HIM THAT NEEDETH. Eph. 4:28

...and even though Paul worked for a living... the churches still helped him with his needs. Ph. 4: 10-23

Deb said...

Hey Chris,

Over and above all that may be unfolding for you guys right now, there is for sure ONE who is on your side, He is the One who put the "Go" in your hearts, and He has provision for you that is unmatched by any million dollar bank account.

He loves the "yes" in your heart that responded to His call to reach His beloved lost children and not only will He undergird your whole family, I belief He will prove Himself to be the Faithful and True Unseen Underwriter of this mission!

His love for your family is deep Chris, He started this work and He is gonna finish it. He's got your back, and there are many of us that are going with you in our prayers.

Hold fast my friend, hold fast,


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