September 9, 2011

Saturday Night dance party

Okay, it's not Saturday... I've lost all notion of time... Who am I again?? Ack.

Please play this (in new window) as you read the following post (turn off bloggy ambiance, of course). Because life sometimes needs a little background Musak.

We got a phone call from the shipping company today - our stuff will not, in fact, be arriving in mid-October as planned. We're looking into November now... which means no car to make the 18 hour drive to Patagonia with. And since I'm not staying in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks until it arrives [no way. no how], we may just be moseying on down to Patagonia without our stuff, and have to return in November to pick it up. Oh well, we're tired of looking at it all, anyway.

 dining room

 living room... just pull up a plastic-wrapped sofa :)

 chilluns' room... the black dots are the suitcases they
have been living out of for a while already

 we've all been living out of our suitcases for... a month now? at least.
only two or so more to go... hopefully

 everything needed for life, for 3 months, in just two suitcases per person

the lovely view when we wake up every morning - ah, mess

 going down the stairs...

when you round the corner from the stairs... ah, so relaxing the view,
isn't it??

It just never ends. And it mostly makes me feel like a few really good 70s songs...

 You know them... don't act like you don't.

Okay, it's way after midnight - going to bed now. I leave you with...

A random, and much prettier picture, than all the above.

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Dori said...

Less than three weeks!! So sorry you won't have your van for the drive. Major bummer! Hopefully Lee will find some houses soon! I haven't been able to talk to him much. He says a tree went down in the neighborhood and took out the internet! Haha. You guys wanted 2 bedroom apartment with shared cooking and living spaces right? Community living 24/7!!

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