July 3, 2011

small things

What your bedside looks like when you sell the bedside table.

{books I'm reading before I read them to the kids, empty glass of water,  bilingual Bible, the remains of this morning's coffee, and my ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet (a computer age disappointment which deserves it's own post)... all on the floor with the dust bunnies.}

I'm glad that at least the JESUS Film Anime version is still working on the Archos. I also downloaded the JESUS Film in Spanish onto it before the internet connection spazzed on me. So at least it's still good for something.

It's the small things sometimes. They keep me going.

.small things, the blog. (now I just need her camera)

1 comment:

Christy said...

Who needs and expensive camera? Just a good editing program! Great shots!

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