July 17, 2011

around the house

This has been quite a mind-blowing couple of weeks (some good, some bad), and my brain is absolutely fried.

So, to keep it muy lite - here are a few pictures of life these days around the house:

Wrapping up the dining room table for shipping... 

taking apart the chairs...

The dining room afterwards...
My apologies to all the people Tony invited over... there's no where to sit now. We'll just have to come to your house.

Plastic-wrapping the furniture...

And, as a direct result, my new underwear drawer: a cardboard box.

And the new bedside table: another cardboard box.

Better get used to living out of boxes (and suitcases). It's going to be a while before we find our new normal.



Amiee said...
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Katie said...

Seeing the photo of your dining room reminds me of my visit. :) I know that packing is just the worst, but you guys look like you're making great progress. I'm there in spirit!

I understand that you're busy, but I wanted you to know that I tagged you to participate in a blogging meme called My 7 Links. Here's more information: http://www.seashellsandsunflowers.com/2011/07/my-7-links-dusting-off-archives.html

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