November 15, 2010

Ex-pat Bloggy Friends

A couple of months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Katie, the author of Seashells and Sunflowers. I discovered her blog when I came across Bloggers in Argentina. She blogs about her ex-pat life in a small coastal town south of Buenos Aires. She is writer extraordinaire, takes amazing pictures, and explains the culture (and food!) of Argentina exceptionally well.

Truth be told, I normally don't make friends over the Internet. But after reading over her site a bit this summer, and then talking with Tony, we decided she probably wasn't a psychopath (don't laugh - the only time I ever friended someone over the Internet, she actually was a pychopath). So, anyway, when we saw that she was getting ready to come back to the States for a visit, we decided to invite her over for dinner. It's been a while since we've lived in Argentina, so we were interested in hearing the latest news, and from an ex-pat's perspective.

We had a wonderful evening chatting with Katie. She was delightful company and is absolutamente divina. Her Spanish is better than mine, so Tony had a good time speaking argentino with an American who actually understands his rapid-fire Spanish. She also won some brownie points laughing at his very Argentinian jokes - which she also actually seemed to understand. And she liked my food (which is good, because I made the mistake of trying out a new recipe on company - not a good idea if it doesn't turn out right. Fortunately, it did.).

So, check out her blog Seashells and Sunflowers, if you are interested in learning a little bit about Argentina. She writes about the culture, the food (recipes included), the people, the places, and is currently even writing a little series on (the touristy aspect of) Patagonia here, here, here, and here. Her site is also a wealth of information and links for anyone considering travel to Argentina.

You can view more of Katie's amazing photography here.




Katie said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful write-up and link love, Chris! I really enjoyed meeting you, Tony and the kids. ¡Besos!

Katie said...

By the way, you are very modest. Your Spanish is excellent!

Patricia Sgrignuoli said...

I discover your blog by the Katie´s blog (seashells and sunflowers)... Are you going to move to Patagonia?? I´m doing the same!!! I am from Buenos Aires, and we are moving to Lago Puelo next january!!

Good luck with your moving!!!

Chris said...

Katie - you're welcome and thanks! My Spanish is horrendous these days - Tony's the only one I speak it with, so I'm lazy. And with all these kids running around, I have no time to look anything up! I admire the attention you give to detail in your Spanish - wish I had time to do the same! :)

Hola Patricia - yes, si Dios quiere nos vamos para alla! I will check out your site - so exciting! I would love to hear more about your decision and how you are doing it! I'm sure, then, we will run into each other there! :)

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