November 18, 2010

Entry [into Argentina] Fee for American Nationals

Bad news for us - taken from the Embassy of Argentina's website:

"Entry Request Fee for American Nationals

When entering Argentine Territory, the American nationals must pay a "reciprocity fee" of U$D 131.- or its equivalent in Argentinean pesos.

The payment of this reciprocity fee is NOT a visa, since Argentina does not require visa to American nationals when travelling for tourism or business purposes. The Argentine Government set this entry free on equal amounts Argentine citizens must pay when requesting a Visa to travel to the U.S."

That tacks another $524 onto our trip, just to get into the country - assuming Tony can use his Argentine passport. If the US balks about that, now that he is an American citizen, and makes him use his US passport only, it will go up to $655.

And don't forget the airport exit fee - $40 per person last time we were there. So another $200 just to leave Argentina.

Ay, ay, ay.

We are thinking of scratching the exploratory trip and just moving there.

This is getting ridiculous.


Katie said...

The reciprocity fee was actually raised to $140 a few months ago to correspond with an increase in the U.S. visa fee:

The good news is that there is no longer an airport exit fee - it's included in the cost of airfare now. They have completely eliminated those booths where you used to have to pay the fee.

Chris said...

Thanks for the insider info and tip, Katie!

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