November 8, 2010

Teaching Art in the Homeschool

I groan inwardly at the thought of doing Art or Crafts with my kids. Fortunately for me, my son could care less about either. My daughter, on the other hand, LOVES to create things. And she often seems to want me to do them with her.

So my idea of teaching Art (of which I am utterly inadequate to do), Money Management (according to Tony, same), and Selfless Giving (meaning the world does not in fact revolve around you) is taking my daughter to Color Me Mine, and suggesting she use her own money to make something for someone else.

On the way I said, "Honey, you know I don't like to do crafts." (Gasp from the back seat). "But, I'm doing this for you. That's what love is. When you do something you don't like for someone else because they want you to do it. You set aside how you feel about something and you do it anyway because you love them."

Once there, Dear Daughter decided to paint a unicorn bank so she can have place in which to save her money. She also picked a cat bowl to give to Mom-mom for her cat, who loves cats. Anything cats. DD picked the colors, and I was drafted to paint.

So that takes care of Art for the next 6 months at our house. For me, anyway. But, I am sure, my dear, sweet, artsy-craftsy, most adorable daughter will surely try to drag me back there within the month. I'll just keep answering, "Save your money - then we can go!"


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