September 20, 2010

Update - September 2010

Yes, we're still going to Argentina (Lord-willing).

We have received a lot of confirmation lately that we are indeed in the way.

BREAKING THE NEWS: We officially told our church - meaning the pastor and leadership (still working on telling the other 400 people one by one). We are still in complete awe at the response of support we have received. I can not express how this has made us feel, and because I am not eloquent, I won't even attempt it. All I can say is that we are very much encouraged in the LORD and very excited to see what the Lord does - He's up to something! This is getting very interesting and, of course, is very exciting.

We've decided that it's time to tell my mom (again, the only one in my family that does not yet know). Now to actually do it... hard.

UPCOMING TRIP: We are planning an exploratory trip to Argentina hopefully around March. We plan on spending some time in the area we believe God is calling us to, gathering as much information as we can (cost of living, names and visits to rental agencies, state of the economy, climate, spiritual climate, crime, etc), visiting churches, visiting the main city and outlying villages, and most importantly: talking to the people. Talking, talking, talking is the way things are done in Argentina. I'm sure we'll spend most of our time doing this! And, of course, sharing the Gospel as much as we can along the way. And seeing if this really is it. We fully expect that God will confirm and clarify one way or the other before we take the plunge. And, of course, we will also be spending some time with Tony's family. It's been five years since he's been back, six for me and the kids, and they haven't met Peace Baby since her grand entrance into the family. Mom and kids will need much prayer and strength to get through eating dinner at 10pm and going to bed at the earliest 12pm, night after night. Praying for divine intervention here.

FUNDRAISER/YARD SALE: Our Mission Fundraiser is still on, but we've decided to modify the time and place, for several reasons:
  1. we live on a major road and were concerned about little kids running off into it, and
  2. we were recently offered a place to host it, along with lots of help :D
Doing it in January gives us time to work on the details to do it big, and to do it well. Date and time TBD.

Decided instead to do a YARD SALE in October. Great way to begin to get rid of STUFF and earn some $$ to put towards the upcoming trip.

OTHER PREPARATIONS: We are chipping away at all the health stuff that we need to get done before we head out: dental work, check-ups, finding a migraine treatment that works, and, at our age, permanent birth control (big smile :)).

And seeing as I do feel called to continue homeschooling abroad, and en anglais, I am busy planning the rest of my children's education up until 12th grade - just to get an general idea where we are headed and what I need to take with us (which is years worth of stuff). So, stocking up on as many books as I can get a hold of that we just will not be able to get there. No books in English in Argentina, you know. Come to think of it, no homeschoolers either... no homeschool co-ops, no homeschool classes, no homeschool conventions... and (my favorite) no homeschool law!

some juicy children's books I found for $0.25 each - happy day!

Well, I'm sure there's other stuff, but don't know what they are right now. This no caffeine diet thing does not allow my brain to function at full capacity...


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