September 3, 2010

Blogs are not for Moms with toddlers...

I have about 20 half-written posts that I haven't finished. No time. Too many interruptions. Such is the life of a home-educating mom with a toddler.

We started what promises to be a whirlwind year of home education almost a month ago now. Thus the drop off of posts any longer than this one will be. We have graduated from the "we can do all our schooling in the morning" to the "it takes all day" kind of homeschooling. Don't ask me why it takes all day. I have no idea. As my daughter said last night, "Because we don't listen to you?". Um, yeah, I've been meaning to get on that one... sigh. I'm just too tired right now.

It's madness. Truly. And God, who likes to confound the wise through the weak things of this world, has chosen in his wisdom to give me another, busy, energetic, fearless, LOUD, did I mention busy? child #3 that does. not. sleep. It seems ever. She's the last. Lord-willing. Tony has that appointment coming up soon. I do hope we make it. Another child would kill me, I'm sure of it. I prayed for the grace to have more, and got migraines and a couple of miscarriages instead. And that's okay. I am not God, I do not rule the world nor control life. I do love big families, just not for moi. Besides, I am not having a baby at 40 in Argentina. Been there, done that, and if I can help it, will not do that again.

You may see more of me again come April when my brain is fried, my inspiration has long since disappeared, and I've mentally checked out of homeschooling. That's why we start in the summer - I am done by March/April (okay, December).

Will my kids ever appreciate my sacrifice? Yes, I suppose they will. When they are 35. But that's okay. It's a calling, otherwise no one in their right mind would do it - it is insanity around here most days. I have the utmost admiration and respect for anybody that has more than the chaos-making number of three. And they homeschool. Well. And their house is CLEAN. All the time. You know, the eat-off-the-floor kind of clean. I've seen it. It's astounding.


Back to the books. I'll be around, just more sparingly. God has some surprises in store for us yet, it seems. Stay tuned.



Denise said...

I know you're talking about me, aren't you? We almost ate off the floor tonight after I DUMPED dinner while taking it out of the oven! My mother-in-law thought that she could salvage it, and I had to quickly interject with, "You don't KNOW the last time that floor was mopped! Trust me, you do NOT want to eat anything that fell on it!"

My family room used to be neat and organized, thanks to an amazing woman who took care of that for me. Now, I can't let her in the door again because the room is trashed! ;) The highlight occurred when Toddler Boy stacked all four totes full of toys, climbed them, and promptly knocked them, their contents, and himself to the floor. No broken bones, but what a mess! Sorry. :(

Chris said...

Oh, Denise - I came across a post way back where you said my life looks calm and peaceful compared to yours. Back then I would have said "No way!". After being at your house a few times since then, I have to say - YOU WIN!

Christy said...

This post made me smile. :) Thanks for keeping it real and not faking it. So is Tony sleeping on the couch until "the appointment"? ;)
Like I mentioned recently, God gives us all different measures of grace. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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