July 1, 2010

Self-learning and Famous Self-learners

I am in the midst of trying to plan the rest of my son's education (up through 12th grade). I'm so overwhelmed at the moment, I'm tempted to just ditch the whole thing and let him teach himself. He seems to do an excellent job at it. I often get in the way with my grand ideas. A sure indication I've touched on another one of my great ideas is when said son responds to one of my grand ideas (and, believe me, they are always grand) with: the moan, the exhale, or a look to the sky with a general shaking of the head.

And then I found THIS site.... *shudder*. It just encourages me even more to throw it all to the wind, move to Patagonia, and let him teach himself.

Just kidding. I probably won't follow through on my threats. At least the "throwing it all to the wind" part.

So, I was perusing this delicious site and came across this list of famous self-taught geniuses. I can't decide who my new hero is!

Abigail Adams, Ben Franklin, or Abraham Lincoln. Or all of the above. We'll add Big A's name to this list one day when he discovers his own dinosaur on the Patagonian steppe.

(I'm really just using that as bait to try to convince him that moving to Argentina is REALLY COOL and he'll REALLY like it. It's not working yet.)

Back to the planning board...


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