April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Tire Swings!

I hate cleaning. But I've been inspired. With the warmer temps and sunny skies, and after a loooong winter, I threw open the windows, shook the rugs out, and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Well, almost.

That was yesterday. Today, only half way done, I ran out of inspiration and steam. And everyone seemed to be getting in the way of my grandiose plans to thoroughly clean this pig pen! Baby needy, kids not dressed, baby clingy, M needs shorts all of a sudden (which box are they in, anyway?), Big A now wants (?) to do Math (and doesn't seem to know I have called off formal schooling for the day), Peace Baby is hungry AGAIN, I still need that shower, phone rings, now I'm hungry... oh, look, it's already time for lunch!

And I didn't even do any cleaning yet! No wonder this place is always a mess.

So this is what we did instead: the kids played on the new tire swing SuperPapi made last night after taking the kids on an HOUR LONG TRIP to Home Depot (it was glorious). Sometimes you just need some sunshine and vitamin D after a long winter couped up with each other:

So I was able to count the following for school (this is for those of you that live in strict homeschooling law states like me):

*Physical Education (tire swing)
*Math (check)
*Science (Land Before Time video inspired quite the discussion between Big A and Little M about Cretaceous/Jurassic/Mesawhatever as opposed to Creation, as well as all sorts of "Well, no, I think it's an Allosaurus and not a Giganotasauraus because...")
*Social Studies (check: doing laundry, folding clothes, cleaning, and toddler care are Life Skills they teach in High School, right?? I put that here for now.)
*Language Arts (check: almost every day I have to tell them to put the books down and go. have. breakfast!)


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Denise said...

Great pictures! I'd love to have a tire swing for the kids. A friend made us a disc swing a few years ago but it broke after awhile. It was something that the kids never got tired of playing on.

I like your homeschool day!

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