April 8, 2010

A Sense of Urgency

Tony and I feel a sense of urgency. We're not the only ones, I'm sure. This guy does, anyway (he preached an entire message called "The Gospel Demands a Sense of Urgency"... haven't listened to it yet, but the others I have listened to in this series are great). Even non-Christians sense something, as well. Recently my dad, who would not claim to be a religious man, even said, "I don't know, I feel like something bad is going to happen. Something is in the air, something really bad."

Most people sense it. There are so many apocalyptic movies these days. We just watched 2012 this week. It was the first movie I have watched in its entirety in I don't know how long. Although well done, it was scary, and I can't say I liked it. Too many people dying in a global end-of-the-world catastrophe was enough to make me pull out the Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Extra to calm my agitated and wildly beating heart. No more movies for me for a while.

Jesus answers the disciples in Matthew 24 when they ask what will be the sign of His coming, "...and there will be earthquakes in divers places...". There are other signs, of course, this is just one. We're no Bible scholars, but we can read, turn on the news, and put two and two together. The increase in wickedness the Bible also talk about is all around, and just increasing exponentially.

So, being the Geology geek I am, I just had to look up all of the (major) earthquakes that have ever occurred and been recorded in world. Here's the list if you are interested.


I guess there's really no safe place in the world if you can have big quakes in Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, and... Delaware??

Tony came home last night from work, we sat down to dinner, and he said, "Did you hear about the latest quake in Indonesia?".

"Yeah...", staring at him.

Then we do what we seem to do a lot of lately. We look at each other and one of us usually says something like, "And why wouldn't we go?"

Yes, we definately feel a sense of urgency. What are we waiting for, Jesus to come back before we make a move? It'll be too late then. I suppose we won't care when we see Him, we'll be too happy, but it'll definately be too late then to do all those things we sat around for years saying, "You know, we should..." and, "Why don't we...?".


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