April 13, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Today I decided to count my blessings. Literally. And actually write them down, too. I'm sure I can easily come up with at least 100. God IS good, right?


I am thankful...

1. that God saved my soul.
2. that he saved my husband, too.
3. for Jesus.
4. for 3 healthy children.
5. that we have food on the table every day.
6. for clean drinking water.
7. for my super comfy bed.
8. for heat in the winter.
9. for hot running water.
10. for toilets.
11. for toilet paper (you just have to have spent time in 3rd world countries to get how important this is).
12. for awesome friends that are such an example to me.
13. that my husband is my better half.
14. that my husband is my best friend.
15. for my family.
16. for my husband's job.
17. for my Mom who gave me life.
18. for my Dad who gave me life.
19. for the Bible, the Word of God.
20. for doctors.
21. for modern medicine.
22. for Tylenol.
23. for Ibuprofen.
24. for Tylenol with Codeine.
25. for morphine when all else fails (I'm thinking migraines here, folks, if you're wondering :))
26. for books.
27. for the air I breathe.
28. for my husband's stupid and funny jokes.
29. for microwaves.
30. for our cars.
31. for inspiring blogs.
32. for the internet.
33. for the Holy Spirit.
34. for God's provision.
35. for prayer.
36. for miracles.
37. for answered prayer.
38. for free will.
39. for God's promises.
40. for cool, autumn days.
41. for airconditioning.
42. for my dishwasher.
43. for my automatic coffeemaker.
44. for free clothes.
45. for freedom in Christ.
46. for an inheritance that never fades.
47. for the joy of the Spirit.
49. for newness in Christ.
50. for legs that carry me.
51. for trash picking.
52. for chocolate.
53. for the Church.
54. for comfortable jeans.
55. for cozy fleece.
56. for baby kisses.
57. for baby hugs.
58. for the smell of clean baby.
59. for showers!
60. for hot tea on a cold day.
61. for coffee!
62. for the goodness of God.
63. that I was born in the United States.
64. for the power to overcome.
65. for having been set free.
66. for Spring.
67. for pretty, sweet-smelling flowers.
68. for the opportunity to eat out.
69. for take-out Chinese!
70. for a cold Coke on a hot day.
71. for the Lord's long-suffering.
72. for love.
73. that God has never left me.
74. for babies in Heaven.
75. that God sets the solitary in families.
76. for sunshine.
77. for our new, fast computer.
78. for the copier/printer, so I don't have to go to Staples with 3 kids.
79. for the roof over our heads.
80. for the $10/month gym.
81. that God works all things for good to those who love Him.
82. for Christian music.
83. for classical music.
84. for fellowship.
85. for God's creation.
86. for an education.
87. for hope.
88. for a future.
89. that God knows the plans He has for us.
90. for the color blue.
91. for yellow!
92. for encouraging words.
93. for fine art.
94. for homeschooling.
95. for Co-op.
96. for God's mercies.
97. for all the years the Lord has given me so far.
98. that Jesus is returning.
99. that I don't have everything I want.
100. that I have everything I need.

Whew. I had to think a bit towards the end there. I'm sure you could find 100 things to be thankful for, too. Try it!

"In everything give thanks..." ~ 1 Thes. 5:18

"...abouding therein in thanksgiving." ~ Col. 2:7


1 comment:

Denise said...

I love your list! I need to do this, but I don't want to copy your answers even though I agree with lots of them! Oh and BTW, #79 and #86 are duplicates, so you have to come up with one more! ;)

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