March 2, 2010

The (Mapuche) People

So, I said I would post video of the people... here's Part I of a seven part movie we are watching on YouTube. It's about the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina.

Üxüf Xipay - El Despojo (Pueblo Mapuche) 1/7

Only thing, it's in Spanish. They all seem to be. Worth the view, nonetheless.
Still looking for something in English...

The history in this video series is amazing. The Mapuche use to own 30 million acres of Patagonia. In the early 1900s the President of Argentina had many killed, pushed the rest off their fertile land to the peripheries of the arid desert, and many fled into Chile. That's why there are only 200,000 in Argentina, but 1 million in Chile. The Mapuche now only own 300,000 hectares of the 30 million. Sounds like American history.

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