March 3, 2010

A Day In My Life

My fellow bloggy friend recently posted her "A Day In My Life", and once a year I try to do this for our homeschool log anyway, so here goes:


6:00am  - Alarm sounds. Hit snooze.

6:10 - Snooze sounds. Turn alarm OFF.

6:30 - Hubs gets up. Oops, didn't wake him at 6 like he asked me to. SO tired, but drag my aching body out of bed, lurch downstairs, and attempt to get coffee without having to have a conversation. The hubs is talking before his eyes are open. Laughing, cracking jokes, asking me questions. You'd think he'd figure it out after 12 YEARS that I only grunt before coffee.

6:30-7am - We sit, talk, drink our very cheap not so great coffee (I love you/miss you Starbucks), and read our Bibles. Tony wants to pray. We hold hands across the table and pray.

7am - Time to get the troops up. We have Co-op classes today.

7:15 - Hubs leaves for the gym before work. I wake Big A and ask him to get in bed with the baby (who I transfered to our bed at 3am when she started screaming bloody murder... I know, we do everything wrong). He does, and I jump in for a quick shower.

7:30 - Baby wakes up, I hear her from the shower. Rush to get dressed. Wake up M. Rescue baby from falling off bed, get her ready, send kids downstairs to eat.

8:00 - Everyone finishes up breakfast, start rushing to get out door. Realize I never ate. That always happens. Grab something quick.

8:30 - Finally get loaded in car, and we're off. SO glad we don't do this everyday!

9-1:00 - Gym, Music, Art, Science classes. Mommy's in nursery for 4 hours trying to keep Peace Baby from kissing and hugging all her little baby friends who don't want to be kissed and hugged for 4 hours. This from a baby who hated affection when she was little.

1:20 - Baby passes out on way home.

1:45 - Baby wakes up screaming bloody murder when placed in crib to continue nap. Sigh. I never get a break.

2:00 - Still sighing... attempt to unpack a little. Why is this house a mess?? Kids watch video, baby tired and cranky. Attempt high chair and bribery snacks. Seems to work.

2:30 - Shortest video ever. Yes, Big A, you may watch another one. I check email, etc.

3:00 - I remember all the clothes I'm supposed to fold... they're upstairs, and out of sight is out of mind! Big A asks to search YouTube for Carcharadon Megalodon videos. Sure, I say: 30 minutes, that's it.

3:30 - I take back computer and look for dinner recipe. Never made London Broil before... Start dinner.

3:30-5 - Make dinner, kids wander off to entertain themselves. Yes, dinner takes me hours to make, esp. with baby.

5pm - Bathe baby. She screams when I take her out 30 minutes later.

6:00 - Staring out window now, where IS he?? Get rest of dinner ready.

6:30 - Papi finally home, hand off baby, and we dive into dinner, starving!

7-8:00 - Sit at table and chat about various things. Send kids off to shower. Baby passes out nursing at the table, she's exhausted after only sleeping 20 minutes all day. Me too. Bye, don't wake up, love ya!

8:00 - Hubs is so kind to help clean up kitchen. Enlists Big A's help. Wow, it is SO much faster when 3 people do it! Wondering how to have this happen every day.

8:45 - Kids are reading books in LR while Papi watches his dose of soccer for the day. Decide to research some more about Patagonia, Mapuches, etc.

9:30 Kids go to bed too late, I beg to be left alone for a bit, just a bit!

10:00 Hubs goes to bed. Ah, silence! A beautiful sound. :) Time for bed, I am exhausted!

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