June 22, 2012

to our supporters

I have so many pictures and stories I want to get on the blog, but...

I wanted to take this moment to thank our supporters!

Thanking our supporters is something I haven't quite figured out how to do in a way that I am sure we are doing it enough or correctly (if there is such a thing).

We try to remember to thank our supporters in our newsletters. I've thanked our supporters several times here, I think. I even try to write personal emails to people, although that has proven to be almost impossible to keep up with.

We know who our supporters are (well, except for the anonymous donors - in that case, God knows who you are.). We actually have a lot of different kinds of supporters, and we appreciate every single one for how they help us. We have people who pray for us, we have people who write us encouraging notes or emails or blog comments, we have people who support us financially, and we have people who simply support us in heart and mind and spirit and they let us know it. It is ALL support, and we are thankful for all of it.

We know who is behind us. We know because you have expressed your support to us in person. We know because you have written to us to tell us you are praying for us, or simply to say you think it's really great what we're doing. We know because you comment here. We know because we received a check with your name on it. We know because we have read scanned notes and cards that have arrive with checks. We know because if you donate via Paypal, we see your name. We know because we have specifically asked the church we attended back in the US to tell us who it is specifically that is sending us support (unless they choose to remain anonymous); we want to know because we want to be able to thank you. We know who our supporters are and we are VERY thankful. I don't know if we communicate that enough, or well, but please know that we thank God in heaven for you and and we pray for you. My prayer is usually that God would repay you 100 fold in this life for all your kindness to us and to those we are trying to reach. We could NOT be here without your support. Just could not.

If you are praying for us, THANK YOU. We are sincerely grateful for your prayers. If you sacrifice to send us financial support, THANK YOU. We know that everything that is sent is something you have not spent on yourself, or perhaps on something you need, but have sacrificed it to keep us here doing what we are doing. I can guarantee you that we would not be here if it weren't for these sacrifices.

Thank you from all of us.


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