June 10, 2012

mountain movie magic

At a recent outreach, we showed some movies.

It was a village of about 100 families; Day 1 of our return trip to Chos Malal.

At these events (well, most events we show movies at), the two and a half hour JESUS film is often times too long. The kids usually don't make it past a half an hour - any more and they will begin to wander off. The Torchlighters series work well in these situations, especially since we have many other activities going on and a program to follow. The movies are evangelistic, animated, and only 30 minutes in duration - very kid friendly. A nice fit after the kids (and watching adults) have sung, played, heard the Good News, and had a snack.

the garage, lent to us from a family in the village, converted into a makeshift movie theatre

setting up the projector

aren't they adorable?!?

notice our make shift projector stand: a rusty barrel, an old rack, and some planks 

Fun stuff. Hard work. Worth it.

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