June 22, 2012

older boys' home pics

Tony helping the boys write their memory verses...

Some of the other boys helping, too...

They were really into it... (some of the boys can barely read and write so need a lot of help).

See our projector on the table?

Tony projects movies on the green wall in the background while Facundo works crowd control. I can't remember which one he showed this day, but this week he showed them Fireproof (dubbed over in Spanish). They LOVED it and cheered and clapped at the end asking, "Can you bring more movies like that?".

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Whit said...

I just found your blog! I love it and just wanted you to know! My husband is a Pastor in Texas. But, we are seeking the Lord's will in our life concerning full time international missions. We feel called to Israel. Would appreciate prayers! I'm guessing you know some of what I am feeling and going through! Anyway, usually don't comment on blogs much but just saw how much we seem to have in common! I too am a book worm and LOVE reading anything about past and present people on the mission field! My blog is www.ahavapoloveishere.blogspot.com would love to talk sometime!

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