March 6, 2012

Venus and Jupiter

We've been wondering for months about those two bright lights in the western twilight.

They just seemed way too bright to be stars.

Now we know that they are not stars in fact, but Venus and Jupiter. Someone was over the other night and pointed out the red "star" off to the right of Venus and Jupiter... Mars! She also mentioned there is a Planetarium here in town.

Ding-dong, light goes on: Homeschool Field Trip! Can't wait to take the kids.

These planets can be seen right now from every corner of the earth. We can see them here in Patagonia. Friends in the northern hemisphere say they can also see them.

So, next time you look up into the sky at dusk, look due west and see if you can see them, too!


Katie said...

Daniel fancies himself something of an amateur astronomer. He uses the website to check out maps of the current night sky. Have you learned to identify the Southern Cross yet?

Chris said...

No I haven't, Katie - thanks for the link!

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