March 8, 2012

the strange dichotomy in which we live

I thought these two videos were interesting enough to share. They contrast the Argentina we used to live in, and the one we find ourselves in now. Unrest and chaos, peace and order, past and present.

BUENOS AIRES: December 20, 2001 - right after we moved back to the US from Argentina
                                (worth watching just for the images alone)

(changing government, collapse of the economy, insuing riots)

PATAGONIA, 2012: after returning to Argentina from the US

(a Friday night's drive through the neighborhood)*

*Don't let the peace transmitted by the last video fool you. It's not always so. In the last two weeks I've been attacked by three different dogs in this same neighborhood. Thankfully, they didn't bite. I screamed, yelled, threw rocks. Tony said I should carry a chain. One wack over the head and they'll never attack me again. I might give up exercizing all together instead.


Christy said...

Can we send you some mace for the dogs? How about a taser? Pepper spray? Airsoft pistol? The chain is a good idea too but that might look kind of funny. :)

Chris said...

Christy, mace or pepper spray sounds awesome! I haven't gone exercizing since. I really should just get over it, but I just don't feel like being bitten and having dealing with rabies shots. Life's challenging enough.

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