March 27, 2012

projector and first showings!

We finally started officially using our projector!The first time was at the recent conference in the mountains - after that, things just began to take off.

But, because I just deleted all of our cell pictures from our computer by accident, you'll just have to imagine how cool it was/looked [at the conference, anyway]. You can sort of see the screen pulled up in this picture I took with our regular camera. ---->

We showed several of the Torchlighter series: Richard Wurmbrand, Amy Carmichael, and one other I can't remember. There were few dry eyes in the hall.

Showing the Jesus film and other movies is my dream, my baby. I birthed it. At least, I feel like prayed it into this world, from nothing but a dream. {I didn't do much more than that, though - God and others took care of the rest. It's a group thing. }

So, naturally, I wouldn't get to do it. 

Right at set-up and showing time I had to take a cranky child off to bed. I am glad, though, that everything doesn't depend on me because, as we can see with the cell phone photos, that can be a dangerous thing. I am very happy that Tony is showing movies, otherwise it wouldn't always happen.

We met Alejandra at the conference.

Alejandra is a teacher in Chos Malal. After watching the movies, she asked us how we could get some for her to show to her students at the school where she teaches. So we are planning, as doors continue to open, to take the projector and some movies back to her school, if indeed they allow that. This is the first open door with a school so far. It seems people may be more open outside of the city in rural places, because here in the city talking of God in school is prohibited.

Day 3 of the conference we also showed some movies to our bedraggled group of adults and kids that stayed on in the mountains to hike the foothills and visit the rural church after the conference was over, when everyone else had hit the road for home. But you'll have to imagine that, too, since all our camera batteries and cells were dead by then, and trying to find a place to charge 120V batteries in a country that uses 220V, althewhile out in the boonies, was a bit too much.

This past Saturday, Tony showed some movies at an evangelistic event and youth concert put on by some local churches in a square here in town. The pastor that organized the event wanted to rent our projector, but Tony offered instead to bring the projector and screen, set-up and operate it, showing whatever movies they wanted to use for free. {How could we charge for that? It never even crossed our mind until he mentioned it. But I guess if we are ever starving... it's good to have options..}. It went well for our first public event.

Today Tony visited a school in the slums to see if they would be open to visitors with a projector and some movies. But the answer was no. They respect all religions, but don't allow it to be taught in the schools. Right as he was entering the school, two of the moms who had picked up their kids got into a cat fight, hitting each other, yelling, and pulling hair, right in front of the kids. A little girl was crying hysterically. Sometimes the need for Christ is more evident in the harder places. That's part of the reason we go there.

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