June 13, 2011

casa sin terminar and stinky fish

"Do you know if you will be living in the slums? Or in a nicer neighborhood and just working in the slums?".

I answered that I didn't know. We don't know yet where we'll be living. I guess we'll have to see.

(I am vaguely aware I must make people uncomfortable when I give strange and vague answers like this.)

But it's true. We have no idea. We don't have a home in Argentina yet. We do not know where we will live. We will be homeless for at least 2-4 weeks. Or more. But that's okay. We know that and we are prepared (at least mentally) for it. Getting through it with three kids living out of suitcases with a potentially cranky toddler and no where to lay our little heads may be a different reality. But, like pregnancy, it's a temporary state of affairs.

There is a pastor in Neuquen who is relocating this year to an area 20km away to lead up a new church plant. He is leaving his house in the city of Neuquen open and available to anyone that might need it. We have the option of staying there (assuming the timing works out). But we have been told it is a casa sin terminar (an unfinished house/a house still under construction). It is "livable" by Argentine standards - he lives there, after all - but "livable" for Americans means something somewhat different. There may be bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling, electrical wires hanging out of the walls, gaping holes, piles of bricks, unpainted walls, no air conditioning, no heat, no hot water, no washing machine, nothing that passes for a civilized bathroom.

Casa sin terminar could mean anything.

If it doesn't work out that we stay there, I guess we're in the Lord's hands (well, we're in the Lord's hands, anyway). Our pastor friend said we could stay with his family until we find a place. That's super nice, they are so humble and generous, but we really don't want to have to take them up on that. I think there's something to the saying, "Company and fish both stink after three days." Or, I like this one better,

"Two dayes y'ave larded here;
a third yee know,
Makes guests and fish smell strong;
pray go." -[1648 Herrick Hesperides 169]

Yeah, so we don't really want to be that kind of company for anyone. Our two week pit stop in Buenos Aires will be hard enough.

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