January 14, 2011

a revelation

Last night we were sitting around the table after dinner when one of the kids looked up and asked Tony out of the blue, "Are we rich or are we poor?"

Firstborn looked sideways at her and said, "We're rich, don't you know that? Look at everything we have."

To my surprise Tony said, "Actually, we're poor."

I have always told them we are rich. Turns out Tony always tells them we're poor. Poor confused kids!

So he told them to get out their Bibles and look up Matthew 19: The Parable of the Rich Young Man.

Luke 18:18 refers to him as a ruler.
They each read a few verses out loud about this man who had great possessions. I watched as Tony asked them some questions, then told them about a rich man he knows who doesn't give anything to anybody. With all his millions, do you think helps the poor? No, he is selfish. He often refuses to pay his workers for the wages they have earned. But then he goes out and buys and $180,000 Lamborghini and shows his workers, "See my new car?"

As we sat there and let God's Words soak in, I think we all had a revelation.

We don't need to take everything with us to Argentina. We don't need to take anything.

We don't need all this stuff. Selling it and giving to the poor would be a Biblical way to deal with all this stuff. It burdens us, anyway. How freeing to just land in Argentina with the clothes on our backs. It's certainly a lot less to worry about. 

So... anybody want some stuff?

We have lots of it. You can keep it for us until we come back - if we come back.

Here's a really great clip that sums it up nicely:

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Annie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog and am excited to follow along! Wow, this was a strong and truthful message on this video. I need to look more closely at my walk with Him.

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