January 17, 2011

blogs, blogs, and more blogs

So, it's going on a year now that I've been blogging. It may have taken me 9 months to first discover my Stats button and a year to figure out what an RSS Feed is (ok, I still don't know) - but it's been a blast.

And since I LOVE to read (it's a real problem), I've quickly and easily been sucked further and further into cyberspace via the blogosphere. Thanks, Blogger. Really. Because now I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without the Internet. To think a couple of years ago everyone used to get mad at me because I never checked my email.

So, here are a few blogs that have caught my eye. This is a short, uncensored, very eclectic list - probably reflecting my somewhat recovered and reformed life as a tree-hugging hippie:

SortaCrunchy - she stole my bio, totally
Holy Experience - spiritual food for thought, written deliciously
StoringUpTreasures - a so real mommy blog
What Christians Like - speaks for itself, a man blogger (most bloggers seem to be women)
TheSparklingMartins - hippie unschooler
small things - Catholic homeschooling crafty photog mom
The Croslands Are Crazy - encourages and reminds me we're not crazy, because the Croslands are crazier
Aurajoon - she's beautiful, has a perfect house, takes perfect pics, and didn't get fat when she got pregnant - I hate her
In Search of Whales - another man blogger, God's saving grace is written all over this guy's life
My Political Exile in Argentina - I like her wry, worldly sense of humor and pics
Rocks In My Dryer - just ROTFL... (that's "rolling on the floor laughing", for all you that spend less time on the Internet than I do)

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