February 6, 2012

How I cope, sometimes

Living in denial is crocheting a warm fuzzy hat even though it's 100 degrees out. We all need ways to cope. Two of the ways I cope are: denial, and crocheting. Denial I have time for. Crocheting I don't - but live in denial that I actually do. It's a tortured existence.

Warm, fuzzy, half-finished hat is now sitting on the table collecting dust.

1 comment:

Christy said...

I love it. I look at crocheting like free therapy. There is something so relaxing about methodically counting stitches. Maybe you could crochet a sweatband for your head. Then it would be practical and oh so chic. But maybe you like crocheting hats because it makes you think about the cooler days to come when you will be cold and we will be sweating it out. Plus you look so peaceful and serene sitting there in the sunshine. I think you should keep it up.

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