February 3, 2012

barn turned house

This is the story of the barn which became someone's house. The hard way.

The bricks from this barn will soon become Marcela's and Ceferino's (and their five kids') house.

Sometimes the cross is heavy, and it hurts, and it cuts your hands and makes you sweat. The cross of Calvary, True Love, an example we Christ-followers are called to walk in and to imitate.

Sometimes the cross takes the everyday form of bricks. LOTS of bricks.

the barn before
the inside of the barn
the top half of the building's bricks dismantled

all taken down by hand

Victor sledgehammering the bricks out

Tony and Victor working hard

they couldn't start one of the hand machines, so wrapped a wire around it and pulled hard til it started
the first shipment of bricks ready to be loaded -
the church's pick-up truck in the background, being put to good use

loading the bricks onto the flatbed for delivery

Tony, always smiling :)

loaded and ready for delivery

arriving at Marcela and Ceferino's (I can't say house, because they don't have live in one yet)

unloading the bricks

Tony, Victor, and Dani after a hard week's work
Reaching people with the Love of Christ, and eventually with the gospel, is hard work. Breaking ground in a new place the gospel hasn't reached (this little corner of the slums) takes various forms. Sometimes it physically hurts (Tony was achey, in back pain for days). It costs, it requires sacrifice - just as my salvation cost Christ everything - reaching others will cost, too. IT MUST COST. There is always a price. But don't be afraid to get dirty or sacrifice for what is good, becauuse God's economy works this way: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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