May 22, 2012

funky medicines for back pain, Argentina style

There are some funky medicines here. Every country has their own. Argentina has some pretty funky ones.

Today I threw out my back - leaning over my son's chair helping him with a math problem. Imagine that - how lame. I'm standing there, leaning over a chair - in the standing position, mind you - talking fractions and common denominators [envy me now] and bam! Ow.

How utterly lame of my body to do that to me. I've never been the same since pregnancy. Really, I haven't. I mean, pulling my back out in the standing position is what happens to old people. How utterly dumb.

So Tony came home with these azufre things to rescue me from my pain:

So I do my thankful wifey thing and say, "Oh, honey - thank you! Go ahead. Roll the strange yellow bars of sulfur chalk over my back. Maybe it'll work!" (Note: trying to be positive.)

It didn't. 

my BIL demonstrating - roll on, roll off

Now, maybe it works for other people of the Argentinian persuasion, but my back still hurts. And the dumb things didn't crack and split in half in some remarkable "crack! you're cured!" moment, like they're supposed to.

It's been 14 years since I first heard about this amazing native treatment for neck or back pain, and I STILL have yet to receive a good, detailed, lucid, and scientifically verifiable explanation as to how this works. No one seems to really know. The most common explanation is that, "it takes the air out of your muscles."

Um, okay. That helps. Thanks.

Anybody care to enlighten me?

Bueller? Bueller?

In the meantime, I guess it's back to things I know: Ibuprofen. Bed rest.

Taking other over-the-counter meds here I have NO idea what they are, is also status quo. Googling doesn't help all that much with that either. I still don't know what I'm putting into my person most of the time. I see the irony here. God has a sense of humor. He does. I'm a spazz, I hate meds, I have call-911 reactions to a lot of them, and here I am in a foreign country with no idea what on earth I am taking, but I'm forced to take it anyway because pain sucks. Haha. Funny, God, funny.

Fortunately I'm still alive. God is good, after all. Thank you, Jesus.

So for now: Telling my kids to hang up the laundry, and absolutely loving the husband making dinner and serving it to me rocks. Milking the being waited on thing.

Yeah, back pain's good for something!


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Christy said...

Too funny! Not your back, the medicine.

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