April 16, 2012

kids walking down street

It's normal to see kids walking down the street all by themselves here. It's a lot like life was back in the 70s and 80s in the States. Parents are much more relaxed with their kids here than we are, certainly than we are used to seeing. The youngest in this group was maybe 5 or 6. One of my daughter's friends, who is 8 years old, rides the bus by herself back and forth every day to her sports activities after school. No one seems to watch their kids very much here. We do. So that puts us in the slightly neurotic, over-protective crowd. Oh well. We don't do sleepovers either. Which makes us... something. Not sure what. But we feel it. Today we were driving out of our neighborhood and there was a little kid, just out of diapers, out in the street by the curb trying to ride his tricycle. This particular road is very well traveled with constant traffic. Grandpa was standing in the doorway just watching, none too concerned for the little boy's safety. We cringe and shake our heads in unbelief. God really protects a lot of these kids. Thank God for that.

Life is so different here.

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