October 1, 2011

The Famous Argentinian Asado

Today was Day 3 of family reunions/welcome home parties. Which means more food. A LOT more food.

People started arriving at 11 or so this morning to buy the food, prepare the grills, and make the salads. (UPDATE: It's 10:30, and the second round (dinner) has just begun. By God's grace, and only His grace, I'm doing okay with it all. I think am even enjoying myself. Probably having the nicest time I've ever had in Argentina. Tony's family is really very sweet, they have great hearts and are a lot of fun. I am feeling very comfortable here, the kids are, too; Tony's the one experiencing the culture shock for some reason. The kids were also having full on conversations in Spanish today- we couldn't believe it! FULL SENTENCES, all on their own. I teared up hearing them. It was amazing. Thanks for your prayers, we are feeling them!)

Right now I am sitting on the floor in the dining room, surrounding by about 30 adults and kids making all sorts of noise, the tables all having been moved outside for the traditional Argentine asado. Can't concentrate to write much, so here are some pics...

Breakfast: mate (MAH-tay, Argentine green tea) and toast with butter and dulce de leche (caramel spread)

the back patio where we had the asado (Argentine BBQ) -
we took the clothes off the clothes line (no dryers here) before starting the fire
 so they wouldn't get all smokey smelling

it was a beautiful spring day

the view over the wall into the neighbors' yard (most houses have iron fences or walls around them)


the meat

more meat

herbed provolone for the grill

mustard oregano lemon oil dressing for chicken

homemade chimichurri, a dressing/sauce to drizzle over your meat

making a makeshift grill: placing the bricks and wetting the grass

next, placing the tin base and the grill

preparing the coals (the main grill is in the background)

placing the meat on the grill

grill #2: the main grill

shoveling the coal to feed both the grills

even the smoke smelled good
the finished product
For a more enjoyable stay for visitors to Argentina, make sure you bring your favorite stool softener or a box of Ex-lax. Just trying to be helpful. Your intestines will thank you for it.



Ben said...

ahhhh!!! amayas! que bueno a verles en Argentina. yo disfrute a mirar las fotos de ese asado.

Anonymous said...

Hooray you made it! The last two posts made me laugh and cry. What a huge answer to prayer that the kiddos are speaking Spanish and are settling in and that you are enjoying your self too. ;) So excited and happy for you. You really did it, you moved to Argentina!


Laura said...

Thank you for taking the time to post! It's wonderful to hear that you all arrived and are doing well. The pictures are great! My favorite is the picture of the wall with the broken glass bottles on top HA! It soooo reminds me of the make shift "security systems" in Dominican Republic...gotta love it ;-) We'll continue to pray for you all. Amor en Cristo, Laura

Christy said...

Those pictures are amazing! The food looks awesome! It's great to "see" you guys down there and the lovely spring flowers as everything is starting to brown here.

Praying your container gets down there soon!

Terry and Patty said...

So good to see you all made to your new ministry home. Looking at your pictures made me think I was reading a cooking magazine.

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