June 4, 2010

So I met George Winston...

Okay, so let me just say that one of the reasons I homeschool my kids is because I was so immensely unaware in my life, I just don't want the same thing to happen to my kids!

My husband still makes fun of me, daily, that I'm just a space cadet who lives on Mars, and is so spacey I can't even hold onto the salad I'm trying to serve him at dinner. I drop everything! I blame it on motherhood. He blames it on me and my spaciness. He's mean.

It's these kids, I say!

Anyway, I just realized that I met George Winston (I know, name-dropper, don't hate me). Like 15 years after the fact. If that gives any inclination to the depth of my spaciness. Upon adding some of his incredibly beautiful piano pieces to my bloggy music I'm thinking to myself..., "wait a minute..." didn't I meet that guy?? And yes, I did. He actually came over my house for dinner in college.

And I just realize this 15 years later.

I grew up in such a bubble. Nevermind... I think I still live there lol!

I had the COOLEST roommate in college, she was so neat, loved people, invited them over all the time. So, because we lived in Missoula, MT and George Winston, who also lives in MT because, duh, he grew up there, was in town often playing his piano in concerts and stuff yadda yadda means little to me... So my ever so cool roommate who loves people goes up to him after a concert and invites him over for dinner. And to share the gospel, of course. And he comes.

All I remember is that he was kinda cool, nice, normal, and a crunchy Montana guy like all the other guys in Montana. And he's been to Costa Rica. And apparently the girls are really pretty there. And I was thoroughly unimpressed.


yep, that's him alright. older, but that's him...

I am homeschooling my kids so the same pathetic fate does not happen to them.

What planet do I live on?????? I am certain there is no cure for me. I forgot my own wedding anniversary last week. Now this.

Hopeless! Pray for me.


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